Part #: GDV-API-4-BL-A1

API - Bottom Loading Adapter - Assembly - 4" - TTMA Flanged Connection & Viton® Seals

 4" API Bottom Loading Adapter without Level Indicator Features

  • Stainless Steel shaft on poppet will not shear under extreme stress
  • Adapter designed to be rotatable and hard coated for max durability
  • Centralized drain plug with interior channel allows for easy service
  • Flush interior wall profile is unrestrictive and promotes smooth flow
  • Light weight aluminum body results in an assembly weight of 10.5 lbs
  • Stainless Steel interal rotating assembly with replaceable bearings
  • DuPont Viton seals are compatible with standard fuels and additives
  • Flat interior bottom surface ensures complete drainage of payload
  • E-coating on springs adds an extra level of protection against fatigue
  • Engineered for superior field performance according to API RP-1004
  • Interior guide bracket located on top side to minimize obstruction