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Pelican Worldwide designed our new trailer catalog with distributor and end-user needs in mind.  Our goal was to organize substantial, but relevant data and to display it in a transparent and user-friendly way.  We achieved our goal by 3 overall guidelines:


·         Implement a simple table of contents with color coded categories

·         Utilize expanded, labeled, and straightforward drawings. 

·         Include a simplified, easy to reference index.


Digging in a bit further, The Pelican Worldwide catalog table of contents is limited to only 11 color-coded categories. This ensures a quick, direct navigation to the parts you need - even if that part is something as small as a gasket or a valve.  If you’re looking for a “part within a part” and need to locate a complete assembly, we’ve got you covered.  Each overall assembly drawing is broken down into expanded drawings with individual part labeling to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 


As we all know, when it comes to naming a part many people within the industry use different terminology.  With that in mind, Pelican wanted to remove the guess work in locating the parts you need by designing an index at the back of the catalog where you can find various industry terms for the same part. This also serves to aid the customer who prefers to search for parts alphabetically. 


In summary, the features detailed above are how we made the new Pelican Worldwide Trailer Catalog an easy to use, but critical tool for our distributors and end-users.   Request your copy today!